M&K Sound is among the elite when it comes to audio production.

With more than 40 years’ experience M&K Sound has provided studio monitors to Award-Winning blockbusters such as The Lord of The Rings, Pearl Harbor and Star Wars. M&K Sounds’ sound production and speakers has received international recognition.

Heimkino V12+ Review - January 2023

“Professional cinema bass from a compact, living room-friendly box: The V12+ from M&K Sound is an excellent subwoofer and ideally sui- ted for cinematic experiences in your living room. It masters power- ful action movie soundtracks and high-quality music reproduction in equal measure.”
– Heimkino, Dipl.-Phys. Guido Randerat

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The Ear Review - January 2023

“The V10+ from M&K provides perhaps the optimal bass solution. Here is a compact subwoofer with small footprint which looks unobtrusive and sounds, quite simply, fantastic. The price is such that it offers great value-for-money and should be considered a mush-have for any one who wishes to experience the full bandwidth from moder-day recordings but lacks speakers capable of faithful bottom-end reproduction.” –, Trevor Butler

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Home Cinema Choice - January 2023

“What the D95 does brilliantly is combine excellent detail retrieval with a crisp and dynamic presentation. And there is enough weight to make such sessions enjoyable.” – Home Cinema Choice, Ed Selley

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Sound & Vision - June/July 2022

“The M&K sub’s ability to dig deep and play loud proved mighty impressive – at one point I was afraid it was going to wake the dead in a nearby cemetery. So, the X15+ shines with movie soundtracks, but can a 15-inch sub work equally well with music? YES!”

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Home Cinema Choice - 2022

“This subwoofer brought to the skyscraper-destroying action was gobsmacking to the point I worried about the integrity of my own house. Yet at no point did the X15+ ever feel overwhelmed by the massive LF requirements put on it. It just seemed to breeze through.” – Home Cinema Choice, June 2022, Steve Withers

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Home Cinema Choice - 2020

“This superb speaker package combines professional studio monitor levels of neutrality, balance and detail retrieval with a more consumer-friendly look and price.”

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"Super Slim" - Heimkino - 2020

“Do you want a discreet speaker set instead of a soundbar for real, dynamic home cinema sound from all channels and have little space for speaker placement? Then super slim systems for wall mounting are the ideal solution – just like the Movie Set from Miller & Kreisel.”

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"Let’s Rock ’n’ Roll" By: Michael Voigt - 2020

“Like hardly any other manufacturer of home cinema loudspeakers, the Miller & Kreisel brand is connected to the professional recording studio scene. Hollywood fi lm productions, as well as renowned music albums, are very often mixed on systems from M&K Sound. Good reasons to take a closer look at the active studio monitors MPS2520P in HiFi operation as well.”

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Movie 5.1 Box - 2019

“The “Movie 5.1 system” of Miller & Kreisel supplies with minimum space requirements excellent home theatre sound and is also priced very attractive.”

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Audio Esoterica - 2018

“if you’ve already encountered an M&K S150 system, then the impact of the S300 system is easy to quantify – just double it. ”

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Sound & Vision US - 2018

“M&K Sound’s updated speakers not just uphold the fine tradition of the S150 line, they improve upon it. Highly recommended.” by David Vaughn

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Home Cinema Choice - 2018

If you browse your dictionary for the word iconic, you’ll probably see a picture of the M&K Sound S150 next to the definition. The company has had its up and downs – co-founder Ken Kreisel has departed – but the S150 has been a professional studio monitor of choice for decades

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Heimkino - February 2017

Those who want an uncompromising home cinema sound and have sufficient space as well as a wallet that’s big enough should consider a THX-certified sound system. Such systems guarantee professional sound, exactly like the director wanted it to be during the production of the movie. M&K Sound offers the perfect set for these demands, the S300 series.

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HemmaBio - June 2016

After several days of music listening, its movie time and M&K Sound’s qualities are very well suited to the medium. Positioning within the soundstage is crystal clear, voices have the requisite body and articulation, without the least imprecision whenever things explode at full volume.

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Digital Hippos - 2013

There is no doubt that is the tightest, deepest and most heart pounding sub in this compact form factor. Despite it being a fingerprint and smudge magnet, the included gloves take care of most of that. This is an incredibly versatile sub that we can’t get enough of.

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For the remastering and restoration of Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz, we needed a monitoring system that could accurately reproduce the sonic nuances and dynamic range inherent in many of the old soundtracks, and when mixed and programmed to 5.1 surround format, be able to translate seamlessly to our THX mixing stage. The MK 5.1 monitoring system was a perfect medium for this.

John BlumProduct Specialist, Chace Productions 1999

Stereo & Video -

If memory serves, the nature and the sound quality of M&K Sound audio have not changed in the 10 years I have been following them. And stability in this case is a mark of quality. It is also extremely important that speakers of different sizes, types, and power are fully compatible. The sound field was really wholesome and seamless which is extremely important when working with object-oriented
audio codecs.

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Michael Voigt - Heimkino

If you are serious about your home cinema sound but do not want to invest a small fortune, the 750THX set from M&K Sound is a very good contestant – a true wolf in a sheep‘s clothing, at a fair price.

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Chris Lord-Alge, LA – MIX LA

POWERFUL EXPERIENCES! You haven’t really had a true home cinema experience, until you’ve heard a dedicated, properly designed loudspeaker system, custom designed for home cinema!

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Phil Hinton - AVForums

The system we have here for review is based on the MP300 wall mountable reference speakers designed for LCR duties, along with a pair of S300T tripole surrounds and two X12 subwoofers

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This is the story of a speaker company that helped shape home theater (and even music recording) into what it is today

Home TheaterUSA, February, 2011 - Audio & Vision Online, Hungary

M&K Sound is very proud of its history and of the role it played in the birth and proliferation of subwoofers, plus, of course, the fact that over the decades its products have become the reference at many major recording studios, including Skywalker

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Hemmabio Magazine - Sweden

If you want to invest in truly exclusive gear you could for instance check out Danish M&K Sound, taken direct from the professional world. M&K is used by many studio as monitors for mixing of especially film sound, where their consumer models share drivers and crossover networks with their pro monitors

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Tamás Szoboti - AV-Online

We reported a few weeks ago that the renowned M&K Sound had arrived in Hungary, and we also took some photos while the first shipment was being unpacked. Since then, the Home Movie team has not only installed and calibrated the sound system, but has also carried out the first improvements

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Pro Choice – Case 2

With other monitors, you burn time, money and energy trying to work around their obvious flaws and compensate for them. Basically, the MK’s let us get it right the first time. The sound is neutral and natural, so mixes that work in one room will translate perfectly to other rooms without additional tweaking or compromises. No unpleasant surprises and no embarrassing do-overs also mean significant savings

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Pro Choice – Case 3

M&K Sound Monitors Selected for Trans-Atlantic. Multi-Year Classical Recording Project. In an ambitious, international project scheduled to run over several years, leading Danish classical label, Dacapo Records have contracted with Timbre Music of Denmark to record the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Music Director Alan Gilbert in performances…

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Pro Choice – Case 4

We’d listen to other speakers but we’d always end up back on the M&K’s” Frank Morrone, independent re-recording mixer, Hollywood In detailing the accomplishments of independent re- recording mixer Frank Morrone, we could probably fill this article with just a list of his major film, television and music credits and awards, including his 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing on the popular and controversial mini-series, The Kennedys.

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Pro Choice – Case 5

You can’t pin down MK as a rock speaker or a pop speaker. It’s just a great sounding speaker.”Read the interview with producer, engineer and songwriter Kevin Churko who has worked with an amazing range of musical names including Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Ringo Starr, Five Finger Death Punch, Hinder, In This Moment, Britney Spears and many more

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We feel that high performance audio is essential in picture editing and the use of the MK 2510 system, with its excellent dialogue intelligibility, allowed us to catch production sound faults early in the process. In addition, high quality sound can affect an editor’s decisions by providing an enhanced emotional context to a scene. During the production process, our editors were so taken with the quality of sound that a full MK 2510 system was shipped to Leavensden Studios in England, to be used in the cutting of the production dailies.

Paul MatwiySound Designer, Star Wars Episodes I, II and III

Audio-Video – February 2013

They may be compact, but the MK Sound monitors are not only active, but also THX PM3 certified for professional use. In fact, as Safodien points out, these monitors are typically used as critical monitors in film studios during the actual mastering process…

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Sound Vision – June 2010

Taken as a whole, this is one system that’ll play loud as hell. The 150THX layout absorbed every joule of my 5 x 150-watts-per-channel power amp, a seriously current-rich unit, without any audible shortcoming. During torture tests (well north of actual reference level), I sensed amp clipping before I heard anything unseemly originating in a speaker.

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LA Audio File – September 2009

The S-150 Speaker System is designed to offer customers great sound with excellent build quality, whether the need is for home theater or audio. While the cost of the standard S-150 system ($7,400 retail) is significant, performance and build quality is among the best out there. We have been using the M&K S150 system for all of our reviews and have not had the urge to change speakers in eight years

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LA Audio File – August 2002

It’s not surprising that JAK Productions used M&K speakers for their sound design and picture editing suites for the Star Wars films – The Phantom Menace and the recent release of Attack Of The Clones. Compromise in sound quality on films such as these is not an option and that’s the primary reason why so many professional studios around the country are currently using M&K speakers.

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Sound & Vision – March 2000

I was amazed at how the rear-channel speakers were able to sound as though they were pointing in three different directions at any given moment. M&K achieves this through what they call the active, phase-focused crossover concept. By design, the crossover allows an accurate response in both time and frequency domains, creating a very wide horizontal and vertical plane and thus optimizing a three-dimensional soundstage

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Audio Video – 2013

The MK 750 THX 5.1 speaker package may look understated and unassuming, but in practice it always sounds bigger and more authoritative than expected. That this system is also able to project a wide and inviting soundstage with powerful dimensionality and a pervading sense of accuracy adds to its overall appeal, while its off-axis linearity makes for a wider and more inviting sweet spot that will have the entire family nailed to their seats. Bravo, MK Sound! Bravo!

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We’ve been using MK THX speaker systems on the Star Wars films in both the sound design and picture editing suites. The MK THX speakers’ accuracy and imaging qualities let us hear all the nuances of dialogue, music and sound effects at every stage of the creative process. This gives us the ability to create the powerful, yet subtle and persuasive soundtracks that are the hallmark of the Star Wars films.

Rick McCallum Producer, Star Wars Episodes I, II and III

These monitors are, to put it simply, quite wonderful! The imaging is extraordinarily precise. When we planned this studio, we wanted a high end digital room, that still retained an analogue feel and the MK’s suit that brief perfectly since they have a real presence, an analogue quality and warmth to their sound.

Andy RichardsOut of Eden Studios, Long, England, 2001

Stereophile – March 1997

I had my head turned by the natural, dynamic, and uncolored sound of this THX surround-speaker system. The individual speakers are built to a very high standard and M&K has incorporated a wide range of user-friendly options and accessories. It is competitive with the very finest surround systems I’ve heard, and in some areas—specifically deep bass extension and impact—is second to none.

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Home Theater Magazine – February 2011

It’s hard to find enough superlatives to describe the MK Sound LCR950 system. I even broke out my Reviewer’s Superlative Handbook and couldn’t find enough. Juicy even came to mind—as in, the MX-250 sub sure sounds juicy. In fact, it’s one of the juiciest subs around. Very simply, anyone who’s serious about home theater should seriously consider this system.

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LA Audio File – August 2010

The MK Sound 950 speakers combine the elements that make a great sounding system with few compromises. The timbre-matched main and surround speakers provide a seamless movement of audio throughout the listening space. The solid construction, contemporary look, relatively small footprint, and excellent sound quality makes this system an easy…

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What Hi-Fi – April 2010

This system justifies its cost with excellent sound. It combines razor-sharp detail with a controlled top end and quite formidable speed. Every detail of The Hurt Locker’s fearsome firefight is captured intact, while the surround steering in The Dark Knight is wonoderful: the SUR95Ts knit together the front and back of the soundfield much more convincingly than conventional speakers.

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Smart Awards – 2013

It is with good reason the MK 750 was the first product to receive the THX seal of approval. It’s a 5.1 home theatre system designed by the compangy George Lucas turned to when making Episodes I, II and III of…

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Audio & Visual – 2013

With the MP7, MK Sound has created a speaker system that offers the best of both worlds: slim, unobtrusive dimensions coupled to the impact and delivery of a much larger speaker set. The expected compromise of scale and substance were never an issue, and while you’ll need bigger speakers in a larger room, this system had no problems in that department in our listening room.

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Stereophile – January 2000

The THX spec demands wide, smooth dispersion, and the 750THX system delivers it. The sound remains timbrally consistent over a wide horizontal arc, as does the overall SPL.

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Home Cinema Choice – June 2008

Build quality can be considered excellent. There’s an unpretentious single set of pretty gold-plated connections on the back and lots of shinyness all over. If you want a dust-attracting high-gloss finish you’ve come to the right place.

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What HiFi – 2008

The M7 is a subwoofer/satellite speaker system, its main speakers being limited to a low of 80Hz; everything below is dealth with by the SB-12, which is more than up to the task. The main array has three identical M7 front speakers for left, centre and right-channels, plus a pair of M4T Tripole rear speakers, able to fire in multiple…

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What HiFi – November 2008 Subwoofer Shootout

The MK Sound Xenon SB-12 is one of only two combatants to receive top marks – 6 stars out of 6. “Here’s an almost elemental subwoofer from one of the established experts – a big black box with a whacking great driver. The fact that the driver says “SuperFast Deep Bass” ought to clear up any confusion.

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Robert Ebeling – Secrets of Home Theater

The innovation continued at M&K Sound, and they introduced the world’s first powered subwoofer in 1977. The masterminds at M&K Sound have continued to be at the forefront of subwoofer innovation and their newest subwoofers, the “X” series, promises to best all others.

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Academy Award For Best Sound

Movies that won Academy Awards for Sound - All mixed and edited on M&K Sound speakers

The Incredibles
King Kong
Lord of the Rings
Pearl Harbor
Black Hawk Down
Star Wars - Episode I
Star Wars - Episode II
Star Wars - Episode III
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl