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The beginning of “The choice of professionals”

This is a story about sound, and how a speaker company was a part of shaping home theater and music recording into what is today. It’s a story about M&K Sound, and it starts in the 70s – in Los Angeles.

Why speakers is the most important tool you can invest in?

We have trusted the sound design of “The Beginning” to one of the best in the industry. All the sounds you have heard has been mixed by Award Winning Sound Designer and Re-recording mixer Eddie Simonsen. "M&K speakers is very accurate, transparent and easy to mix on and most important is translates so well to the audience" This is why Eddie Simonsen/ Mainstream has more than 13 Sound & Mixing suits all equipped with M&K speakers

What you get is the world’s most ACCURATE loudspeakers

Why the professionals choose M&K speakers for their studios.

Trusting the speakers allows you to work creatively – getting a consistent result

Award winning Sound Designer Frank Morrone has trusted his professional work to M&K Speakers for decades. Frank Morrone has a incredible list of merits as an independent re-recording mixer who has worked extensively in both film and television. His award winning work includes Emmy Awards for the ABC hit LOST and the mini-series The Kennedys as well as a best sound Satellite Award for Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow.

How to reproduce the SOUND & FEEL working with live instruments

What producer and drummer Mikael Wikman look for in a speaker, is the midrange, accuracy & trueness - this is why he works with M&K speakers.

The secret behind – “Neither adds, nor subtracts. It simply reveals

In 1999, George Lucas returned to the Star Wars universe. With a budget of 115 million dollars for Episode 1, every aspect of the production was no less than state-of-the-art. To match that quality, Lucas chose M&K Sound for all three new Episodes.

Cymatics – The Iconic S150 floating in the darkness – awakening all senses

Feel the real X12 push pull Subwoofer working in the underground