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M&K Sound® Launches THX® Certified Dominus IW500 Reference In-wall Loudspeaker

M&K Sound, whose products are the “choice of professionals”, has launched its first THX® Certified Dominus in-wall loudspeaker, the IW500. Designed for the largest and most exclusive home cinema installations - with room volumes of up to 6,500 cu ft or 185 cu m - the front left/centre/right identical model is the most powerful reference loudspeaker produced to date by the elite Danish audio manufacturer.

World-renowned loudspeaker company M&K Sound partners with Habitech Ltd. UK

M&K Sound, whose loudspeaker products are the undisputed ‘choice of professionals’, has partnered with leading value-added distributor Habitech Ltd. in Basingstoke, UK. The new distribution deal will strengthen M&K Sound’s presence across the region and capitalise on Habitech’s unrivalled sales and custom installation network.

M&K Sound announces Haven Audio Visual Ltd. as sole distributor for the Republic of Ireland

The County Wicklow-based organization brings 20-plus years of combined experience to the table, and its highly skilled team will ensure increased market penetration and awareness of the legendary M&K Sound brand in the market. 

Heimkino Reference Status – the V12+ is clean and contoured, faithful to impulses, and dynamic. And this is where the M&K Sound V12+ shows all its strength

The V10+ from M&K provides perhaps the optimal bass solution. Here is a compact subwoofer with small footprint which looks unobtrusive and sounds, quite simply, fantastic. The price is such that it offers great value-for-money and ...

D95 offers a sparkling performance from an easy-to-site enclosure

What the D95 does brilliantly is combine excellent detail retrieval with a crisp and dynamic presentation. Another is enough with to make such sessions enjoyable.

M&K prove, in the V10+, that super-fast deep bass is available simply and affordably without distortion or coloration of sound. That’s some achievement

The V10+ from M&K provides perhaps the optimal bass solution. Here is a compact subwoofer with small footprint which looks unobtrusive and sounds, quite simply, fantastic. The price is such that it offers great value-for-money and ...

M&K Sound reveals new and elegant high performance D Series loudspeakers to become
‘a part of your surroundings’

M&K Sound expands its portfolio and debuts slimline, lifestyle-friendly loudspeakers designed for today´s living spaces

New IW150A versatile in-ceiling and in-wall home cinema speaker

The new IW150A in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeaker, is a brand-new addition to the award-winning 150 Series. The IW150A speaker perfectly complements new or existing audio setups as a discreet in-ceiling or in-wall solution for immersive and…

“Accurate and Clear, Deep Extensive Bass, Touching Source of Power!” – HiFi Review, Hong Kong

"When listening to this X15+, I believe that it makes you want to listen to it for life, because it would not be easy to create another breakthrough like this. Your satisfaction of the X15+ when watching movies or listening to music would be on a whole new level. It is difficult to criticize it."

It’s the best subwoofer I’ve encountered in two decades of reviewing. Sound & Vision, David Vaughn 2022

To say I enjoyed my time with M&K Sound’s X15+ would be an under- statement. In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much it’s not leaving my home.

“M&K has achieved the near- impossible task of delivering subterranean depth with remarkable speed and agility”
– Home Cinema Choice, June 2022, Steve Withers

The X15+ handled the deep bass note at the start of the former with admirable skill, suggesting M&K's claim that it can go well below 20Hz is accurate. This is bass you feel rather than hear, with frequencies so low they're actually scary.

“I’ve never heard a sub/sat system anywhere near this price point as tight and expressive and as tonally and harmonically complex as the M&K.” – Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, April 2022

On one level, the M&K system certainly struck a nostalgic note and brought me back full circle to my earliest encounters with high-end audio. But as a tool for music reproduction, this system wasn’t living in the past. It’s a thoroughly contemporary and thrillingly musical take on a full-range stereo speaker system.

The sound of the best cinemas in the world – this dream becomes reality with M&K IW150T and C15S

The sound of the best cinemas in the world in your own four walls – this dream becomes reality with the M&K IW150T tripole speakers and the C15S subwoofer Modern surround formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS-X offer an enormously more immersive…

M&K Sound presents particularly sophisticated solutions for home cinema enthusiasts

The specialist M&K Sound now presents particularly sophisticated solutions for home cinema enthusiasts, namely the new M&K Sound IW150T Tripole as well as the M&K Sound C15S subwoofer and the associated amplifier Miller&Kreisel…

M&K Sound introduces V+ Series line of lifestyle-friendly, high-performance subwoofers

The inventors of the subwoofer revamp the former V Series with three compact, stylish, and class-leading V+ Series models primed for today’s living spaces; two with THX® Certification

M&K Sound unveils new X+ Series line of THX Certified® reference subwoofers

The inventors of the subwoofer overhaul the legendary X Series with three new X+ Series models including the company’s first THX Dominus Certified 15-inch X15+

Miller & Kreisel has hit the jackpot with the new edition of the 750 series

The compact 5.1 speaker set delivers first-class Hollywood sound in private home theaters