New IW150A versatile in-ceiling and in-wall home cinema speaker

The new IW150A in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeaker, is a brand-new addition to the award-winning 150 Series. The IW150A speaker perfectly complements new or existing audio setups as a discreet in-ceiling or in-wall solution for immersive and object-based audio in home cinemas and media rooms.


Based on the performance specifications of the original M&K Sound S150 LCR (left/center/right) loudspeaker, the IW150A includes a 15-degree fixed angled tweeter and 5.7-degree fixed angle pair of woofers, which produce generous off-axis response characteristics. These make the IW150A ideal for use as a height channel for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X® or Auro3D® audio setups. The speaker can also function as an angled down- or angled up-firing front LCR speaker where real-world placement options are limited (i.e. above or below a flat-panel display), or as an in-wall or in-ceiling based surround or music speaker.


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M&K Sound – Press Release IW150A September 2022