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It’s a wrap

The first live presentation of the NEW S150 icon speaker is Well done It has been a great week, lots of guests, a packed event and most important a overwhelming positive response. We look forward to hearing the feedback from you guys - when…

Superior quality. Futuristic performance!

The NEW M&K Sound S150T THX Tripole® combines both front and side mounted drivers to direct the surround image both indirectly and directly into the listening area, for a smoother, more robust surround image in perfect harmony with…

This is THE Loudspeaker – Part 2 – The On-Wall Version

It’s hard to beat perfection. That’s why we’ve strived to perfect it. We’ve taken the innovative high-performance technologies from the S300 and Integrated them into the new Miller & Kreisel S150. These upgrades bring the S150…


The new Miller & Kreisel S150 redefines sound quality and performance. The S150 is still the speaker to beat when it comes to reference monitors for professional cinema sound design or stereo recording.

Straight from #ces2018 we got a message from AV Science​, Craig Peer

"The NEW S150 speakers sounded outstanding yesterday at CES. These should be on your list of speakers to check out!"

World sneak peak premiere

To ALL our loyal fans from M&K Sound® Introducing the NEW Miller & Kreisel® S150 loudspeaker. Superior quality. Futuristic performance. The new S150 builds upon the impressive legacy by updating the design with new acoustic technology…

Enjoy the LATEST reveiw of the S300 from

Lean back and enjoy the LATEST review of the S300 from who's done a thorough article with attention to details.

BEST Home Cinema Speakers 2017

It was a magnificent Friday, we celebrated our new award. The ultimate Award of 2017 - Editors choice award

V8 The smallest thunderstorm

V also stands for Vindication, definitive proof of the right-ness of innovative ideas and vision for pioneers in the fields of subwoofers.

M&K In-Wall 150s for bespoke cinema project

M&K In-Wall 150s being installed behind film screen with acoustic wall treatment for bespoke cinema project"

M&K Sound X Series, built to bring new force

"M&K Sound X Series, built to bring new force, authority and clarity to the critical bottom octaves for the listening pleasure of serious music and movie lovers everywhere.” Thanks to our state of the art subwoofers and intelligently…