M&K Sound introduces V+ Series line of lifestyle-friendly, high-performance subwoofers

The inventors of the subwoofer revamp the former V Series with three compact, stylish, and class-leading V+ Series models primed for today’s living spaces; two with THX® Certification

M&K Sound V15+, V12+ and V10+ subwoofers harmonize with their surroundings

M&K Sound, inventors of the satellite/subwoofer speaker combination for full-range home audio reproduction and whose products are the undisputed “choice of professionals”, is introducing three new compact, lifestyle-friendly, high-performance subwoofers, the V15+, V12+ and V10+, with single 15-inch, 12-inch and 10-inch drivers, respectively. These small-footprint subwoofers, two of which have earned legendary THX® Certification and are M&K App-enabled (V15+ and V12+), all promise to deliver deep and accurate bass to consumers in an affordable package.

“With ever more demand for reference bass performance in living rooms and small home cinemas, we believed it was time to overhaul our hugely successful V Series subwoofers to develop the new V+ Series for a wider, décor-conscious, and discerning audience,” said Per Becher, Chief Executive Officer, M&K Sound.

THX® Certification ensures superior movie audio performance

The 15-inch V15+ has achieved THX® Certified Ultra status when using two M&K V15+ subwoofers together, and the 12-inch V12+ has achieved THX® Certified Select status, meaning each can attain professional cinema audio reference levels in rooms of up to 3,000ft3 and 2,000ft3, respectively. The THX mark of excellence means consumers can hear movie soundtracks with high-fidelity audio integrity as the filmmakers intended it to be enjoyed.

Huge power output and enhanced performance

M&K Sound engineers have increased the amplifier power output over the former V Series for all three new V+ subwoofers. (See table below.) Furthermore, the V15+ represents the first 15-inch driver enclosure to join the V family of products, while the V10+ and V12+ have had their deep bass frequency response extended from 25Hz (on the former V12 and V10 models) down to a thunderous 20Hz (-6dB).

500W RMS/1000W Peak
400W RMS/800W Peak300W RMS
300W RMS/600W Peak200W RMS

M&K Sound’s new V+ Series subwoofers sport single drivers with newly treated, reinforced paper cones in sealed, anti-resonant enclosures. These design features combine with high-efficiency, precision-engineered Class D amplifiers and M&K’s proprietary ‘front end’ input stage, to ensure that the signature bass performance is not just heard by the audience, but viscerally felt.

New and convenient M&K App control from a seated position (V15+, V12+)

Both the V15+ and V12+ subwoofers enable configuration from the comfort of a seated position via the convenient, downloadable M&K App, available at the Apple Store or Google Play Store. As well as adjustments to volume, crossover frequency, delay and phase, the state-of-the-art M&K App provides onboard control options for new owners to set up Manual EQ and Auto EQ parameters.

Manual EQ allows users to adjust frequency, gain and ‘Q’ of four independent EQs. Auto EQ compensates and corrects for acoustical room anomalies which can cause inferior bass performance. By taking measurements in and around the prime listening position, the proprietary M&K App applies acoustical corrections to deliver optimized listening conditions and reference bass performance in any home environment.

Sleek designs and compact form factors

M&K Sound’s compact V+ Series subwoofers offer new curved and tapered external housings, making them both discreet and ideal for placement within family rooms or design-conscious environments. The manageable cuboid form factors include perfect square faceplates measuring 18.5 inches2 (V15+), 15.5 inches2 (V12+), and 13.5 inches2 (V10+).

V12+ more features, exquisite design, and powerful, enhanced performance

Combined with newly developed and magnetized front grilles for easy removal and replacement, the V+ Series subwoofers represent optimized ergonomics and performance packages for audio aficionados and casual listeners alike. All three models in the V+ series are available in stylish Black Satin. V10+ and V12+ also in White Satin luxury finishes.

M&K Sound V+ Series Subwoofers will be available in February 2022 from authorized M&K Sound dealers for MSRP US $1,499 (V10+), $1,899 (V12+) and $3,199 (V15+).

About M&K Sound

For more than four decades, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by the audio press, film, and music industries, as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for both music and home theater applications. Building on a truly unique heritage and strong market presence that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and consumer audio, M&K pledges to continue to offer performance, reliability, and value for money that are second to none.

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