Special Credits

Sound design

All the sound in the Movie has been recorded and edited on M&K loudspeakers. The Sound design produced by, Eddie Simonsen, Mainstream Sound studio. Eddie, a multiple Award Winning sound designer.


For superior sound all is mastered at THX reference level in Dolby Atmos format. 7.1 Surround, 5.1 Surround and 2.1 stereo.

Production & creative

BLONDE INC. is our top shelf film crew and creative team – who in a modern and honest way has translated 45 years of history into 8 minutes intense storytelling.


The speak of our DNA Movie is featured by the well know David Bateson, from the international success HITMAN.

Professional guests

  • Award Winning and Legendary Sound Designer – Frank Marron, Los Angeles
  • Award Winning and top shelf Sound Designer – Eddie Simonsen, Mainstream Studio
  • Music Designer and professional Drummer – Mikael Wikman, Wikman Drum Studio


The Royal Danish Library Copenhagen – M&K Sound´s film crew, was the first commercial company to be allow to film inside the Library founded in 1648.

Cisternerne, Ancient old water reservoir from 1850 – now a spectacular underground concrete water structure to be experienced by boat among the colonnades and the dark calm sea. All product imaged in the Movie has been recorded in this special venue. Even the spectacular “floating” S150 has been mounted in the Colonnades and film by boat, Not an easy task – knowing this, we think, the “Cymatic movie part is impressing

Gentofte Kino, founded 1938, a luxury art deco Cinema, privately owned by Sune Lind Thomsen

Foley room, Mainstream Sound Studio, offers more than 13 sound recording suites all equipped with M&K speakers.