The LOFT – CEDIA Awards 2023

Tera Generation Solutions has just completed an incredible installation, which they refer to as “The LOFT” located in Lahore, Pakistan.
This stunning project has been submitted to the CEDIA Awards 2023 in three categories; Home automation, Lighting and Media Room. We are proud to be chosen as the dedicated speaker brand for the media room.

Waqas Tanveer and his team has done a lot of nice project with M&K Sound, but there is not doubt, that they went above and beyond for this project.The hard work, dedication and commitment is very recognizable and we are confident in their CEDIA Awards submission.

Welcome to your high-end media room, a luxurious haven designed to deliver unparalleled comfort and world-class entertainment experiences. Every detail has been carefully considered to provide the ultimate audiovisual journey.

The luxury LOFT residence features a private Media Room. It stands out for its multidirectional viewing angles, seating plan is inspired by Middle Eastern tradition, submerged seating layout ensures comfort and adds that ‘oomph’ factor, viewers get enough room to stretch out and un-wind. The plush vibrant colour fabric cushioning also helps with sound absorption and tackle first reflections from height and side channels.

The room is equipped with a 7.1.2 ATMOS Surround Sound System, Crisp image quality from an Ultra Short Throw Laser 4K Unit, a 120 inch Floor Rising ALR screen and roll-up blackout shades to further improve picture quality during day-time viewing.

The spacious living room area features an exquisite blend of opulence, comfort, and functionality. Designed to impress, as it offers a sophisticated atmosphere and a perfect mixture of relaxation, entertainment, and socializing.

A large space requires a large soundstage. The four pieces of MP300 on-wall and a the X12 subwoofer delivers a very compelling experience, without compromising interior design.
A perfect match, whether you are having a nice ambient dinner or a cocktail party in the bar which needs some extra decibel

The Tech List

Media Room:
The 7.1.2 Atmos configuration consist of the following:

3 pcs: IW950 – LCR
2 pcs: SUR55T – Side surrounds
2 pcs: IW95 – In-ceilings
2 pcs: IC95 – In-ceilings rear surrounds
1pcs: C15S – Subwoofer

The 4.1 configuration consist of the following:

4 pcs: MP300 – On-wall surrounds/fronts
1 pcs: X12 – Subwoofer