The Intellisys Theatre

M&K Sound’s documented history as designer and builder of exclusive, deluxe home entertainment installations spans many decades, beginning at the top as partner of choice for leading movie stars, composers, musicians, sound engineers, directors and studio executives.

To this very day, a substantial proportion of music and movie recording, sound design, editing, mixing and mastering facilities employ M&K Sound. So it comes as no surprise that many key industry fgures, after experiencing M&K at work, also select M&K for their private home entertainment systems. Many distributors and retailers around the globe have learned the same lesson: Once you’ve worked with M&K, you want to play with M&K. 

The story of Des Dass, founder of Intellisys in New Zealand, specialists in Home Automation, Multi-Room AV and Home Theatre, is a classic example: Des explains,

“Over the past 40+ years, I have been exposed to and have owned many fine examples of English, American and Japanese sound equipment – both consumer and pro – but we rate the M&K Sound S150 among the finest loudspeakers for our home theatre builds. As a sound  source, they are very precise, giving great sound imaging when placed behind an acoustically transparent screen. You can clearly follow the action and dialog on our 155” anamorphic screen. The MX-350 subs go right down to 20Hz but are fast and punchy and mate perfectly with the 150’s.”

Established in 2002, Intellisys operates out of managing director Des Dass’ luxurious cliff top home located in sunny Gulf Harbour, just north of Auckland City. The residence is also a truly impressive demonstration facility for automation and home theatre systems.

A lifelong Hi-Fi enthusiast, Des purchased his frst serious stereo system in his late teens. In the mid 70’s, while studying at Waikato University, he formed a rock band. Over the following decades, his interest in music and passion for playing the drums contributed to his keen sense for full, live theatrical sound and is the basis for all Intellisys AV designs.

I had never experienced anything like this before – it was so intense!! If I could have, I would have packed up the system and taken it with me. But I lived half a world away.

Des still has fond memories of his frst encounter with M&K Sound in a shop in Singapore where he experienced the mesmerizing opening ten minutes of “Saving Private Ryan”. “I had never experienced anything like this before – it was so intense!! If I could have, I would have packed up the system and taken it with me. But I lived half a world away.” Fast forward to 2012 and a visit to the CEDIA expo in Sydney. Suddenly, Des hears the sound of very realistic gunfre, coming from the far end of the Sydney Convention Centre. Again, the realism of the sound is astounding – the crack of small arms followed by the deep thundering bass of some serious explosions. Des was hooked.

The Intellisys Theatre is designed with full consideration of aesthetics and acoustics. Extensive research and development resulted in a theatre that is a visual and sonic treat. 

Today, the Intellisys Theatre is ftted with three S150 Mk II across the front, four MP150 side and rear and three MX-350 Mk II subwoofers.

But Des does have a further upgrade in mind, a full system of M&K Sound’s new S300 monitors and X12 subs. The room features electric reclining leather chairs and ultra-quiet Fujitsu ducted airconditioning for ultimate comfort all year round. The Intellisys Theatre is defnitely a room to experience. But be careful – you may never want to leave.

Technical Specifications

The Speakers

  • M&K Sound S150MKII
  • M&K Sound MP150
  • M&K Sound MX-350MKII Subwoofers