Snooker room converted to entertainment lounge

Zebra Home Cinema chose M&K speakers as they offer excellent value and levels of performance. They offer a range of speaker systems appropriate to the size and layout of the room. They are renowned for their accuracy and dynamism as part of a complete sub-satellite system. They out-perform everything else for a similar budget and often out-perform speakers which are considerably more expensive without any measurable gain. They are extremely efficient and work so well with all midrange AV receivers. However when paired with high end processing and power, their true power and performance is unleashed.

In this case the client wanted a discrete but powerful in-wall system to blend in with the front of the room and they opted for matching on-wall tripole speakers which is why we chose the 300 series. Matched with the powerful X12 subs, the complete system blends in very well indeed. The IW150s were the perfect choice for the atmos channels to match the 300 series in terms of performance and size of the room.

PRO installations tip
We would recommend that the baffle wall frames should be solid to minimise any vibration and that any in-wall speakers should be enclosed in plywood frames, again to minimise vibrations. We also advise to placing the subwoofers in the front corners of the room whenever possible – this is especially advantageous when using Lyngdorf RoomPerfect digital room correction with the bass management system.

One of the greatest advantages of M&K systems is that fact that they will offer great performance with mid-range AV receivers however, we would definitely recommend the use of a dedicated processor and power amps for the 150 and 300 series to really optimise their full potential.

Utilising digital room correction software can enhance the listening experience further by filtering some of the audio problems that the room itself creates.

The Tech List:

The audio system is an immersive 9.2.4 configuration using IW300s at the front, two pairs of S300T surrounds, a pair of
MP950s front wides, two pairs of IW150s in the ceiling and a pair of X12 subwoofers in the front corners.

Audio processing is handled by the Lyngdorf MP-60 processor and the speakers are powered by Lyngdorf SDA2400 true-digital amplifiers, providing 400 watts per channel. The family can enjoy their favourite music and TV shows on the 75 inch LCD TV as well as movie blockbusters on the motorised projection screen and JVC D-ILA N7 native 4K projector