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Thanks to it’s affordable pricing, Living room-suitable dimensions and excellent quality, the NEW Movie 5.1 set from M&K Sound is certain to appeal to a large number of home Cinema enthusiasts! By michael Voigt Heimkino

Home cinema enthusiasts are certainly familiar with the brand Miller & Kreisel, or M&K Sound for short. Because many renowned Hollywood fi lm studios such as Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Skywalker Sound or Warner prefer to use M&K Sound speakers for mixing their major fi lm production projects.

One reason: Like only a few other brands, M&K Sound focuses on a particularly lifelike, realistic and unadulterated sound that can stand up to the critical ears of sound engineers when it comes to dynamics.

The good news for home cinema fans: M&K Sound products are also available for regular mortals so that with careful placement of the speakers in the room and good room acoustics, real Hollywood sound is possible at home – just as the director intended.

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