Miller & Kreisel Movie 5.1 system

Miller & Kreisel Movie 5.1 system saves on space, not on SOUND.

The flat design of the K50-front speakers makes for a visually pleasant unobtrusive appearance. The trapezoidal shape of the K40T not only looks good, it also brings a tonal advantage for the surround sound.

The Movie 5.1 –  with minimum space requirements, excellent home theater sound and outstanding price-performance.  This makes it a real recommendation not only for beginners. In particular in its specialized field of film sound playback, the compact surround set plays big.
Atmospheric scenes dominated the thrilling as well as fast-paced action scenes, always paired with a crystal-clear dialogue reproduction.

The Movie 5.1 box consist of:

  •  3x LCR Speaker K50
  •  2x surround speaker K40T
  •  1 subwoofer V8
  • Power cord
  • Wall brackets

The “Movie 5.1 system” of Miller & Kreisel supplies with minimum space requirements excellent home theater sound and is also priced very attractive. This makes it a real recommendation not only for beginners.

Specifications Miller & Kreisel Movie 5.1 system

Specifications for the Movie 5.1 system


Frequency Range:K50: 100 – 20,000 Hz
K40T: 100 – 20,000 Hz
V8: 30 – 200 Hz
Crossover Frequency:K50: 1.8 Khz
K40T: 2 kHz
V8: 60 – 200 Hz (adjustable)
Tweeter:1-inch, silk (only K40T / K50)
Woofer:4-inch, fiberglass (only K40T / K50)
Woofer:8 inches (only Subwoofer)
Subwoofer connections:1x mono / stereo RCA in
1x stereo RCA out
Principle / construction:closed


Dimensions HxWxD:K50: 25 x 13 x 8.5 cm
K40T: 19.5 x 20 x 12.2 cm
V8: 34 x 26 x 29 cm
Weight:K50: 2,0 kg
K40T: 2.9 kg
V8: 11 kg


Finish:Black Vinyl


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Miller & Kreisel Movie 5.1 benefits

  • Plated terminal screws
  • Suitable for banana plugs
  • integrated wall bracket including spacers.
  • Compact, living room-ready design
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Excellent surround sound playback

For over 10 years we’ve trusted in MK speakers for our sound design rooms, as well as our picture and sound editing suites. We couldn’t have made the “Star Wars” prequels or our “Young Indiana Jones” documentaries without them. MK monitors continue to be our speaker of choice.