M90 Speaker

The NEW M90 Miller & Kreisel delivers everything and then a little more.

M90 a step-up to the M50 and M70 speakers. The décor-friendly On-Wall ultra slim and low enclosure design is the benchmark for all M Series.

In the NEW M90, we have added 2 additional bass drivers, it adds both sensitivity and bass response over its brethren. Ideally suited for rooms where extra output is needed.

  • The M90 has each set of woofers in their own anti-resonant acoustic chamber, the center 2 working as a midrange, and the other 2 woofers covering bass frequencies. This is to ensure minimal distortion and cabinet resonances common with slim speakers.
  • The M90 is also phase aligned to operate as an ideal center channel speaker, with 100% symmetric coverage vertically and horizontally

New high-performance components:

  • 1” coated silk dome neodymium tweeter.
  • 4” glass fiber woofers.
  • Phase-focused crossover designs optimized for wall mounting.

In addition to the performance enhancements of the M90, it also sports a long profile, designed to match up to today’s large format flat screen TV’s for a more pleasing aspect ratio.

Available in satin paint White & Black, matching all M Series products


With features like a high performance silk-dome tweeter, smooth, double 4” bass/midrange drivers, magnetic shielding and full-bodied sound with wide dynamic range reminiscent of the finest Miller & Kreisel professional studio monitors, the M70 earns the right to bear the Miller & Kreisel name.

The compact cabinet and distinctive metal mesh grille makes the M70 a stylish addition to any living space for critical or informal listening.

The delicate sonic transparency and tremendous dynamic capabilities of these speakers deliver a rare combination of minimal coloration and effortless handling of voices, percussive effects and musical instruments with life-like impact.

Thrilling drive for such a small system; excellent rear speakers and subwoofer.

Specifications M90

Specifications for the M90 Speaker


Nominal System Impedance4 ohm(Z-min 3.4 ohm)
Frequency Response:70-20K Hz(average response in room +/- 2 dB)
Frequency Roll Off:70 Hz(-10 dB 80 Hz near field wall mounted)
Crossover Frequency:600 Hz / 2.0 KHz“Phased focused” (2nd order) Tapered
Tweeter (shielded):1” DomeCoated Silk dome / Neodymium magnet
Woofer4 x 4″Coated Glass Fiber
Power Handling:150 wattLong term IEC-268-5 (cycled input 80-20K Hz)
Power Handling:70 wattRated IEC-268-5 (constant input 80-20K Hz)
Recommended Amplifier Power:25-200W(Recommended amp power to driver speaker)
Sensitivity:89 dB
System Princip:Sealed enclosure
Connection:Terminal gold platingScrew for 5mm Cable / Banana
AccessoriesYesWall mount Brackets/Screws/Gloves
Welcome cardYes“Included in packing”


DimensionsHxWxD:31,5 x 5,1 x 3,3 inch / 80 x 13 x 8,5 cm (incl grill)
Weight:Netto12.40 lbs / 5.62 kg


Finish:PaintedBlack / White Satin


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Precision Loudspeakers for a High Definition World

Miller & Kreisel professional monitors have become the reference standard in the finest music and film studios throughout the world. Hundreds of facilities, including Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Skywalker Sound, Warner Bros., Dolby Laboratories, DTS, as well as leading sound designers, mixers and composers, all rely on the smooth, accurate sound of Miller & Kreisel.

With the M Series, Miller & Kreisel establishes a new benchmark for affordable, compact home entertainment systems. Featuring the same richly detailed, dynamic sound that defines every Miller & Kreisel loudspeaker, the M Series delivers realistic high-performance sound for music and movie soundtracks in a subtly elegant, room-friendly package.

Miller & Kreisel M Series

  • 1” coated silk dome neodymium tweeter
  • 4” glass fiber woofers
  • Phase-focused cross-over designs optimized for wall mounting
  • Exclusive Phase-Focused Crossover
  • Cloth front Grill
  • Voice-matched satellites and rear speaker
  • Proprietary Miller & Kreisel Tripole surround technology

The M Series employs proprietary Miller & Kreisel Phase-Focused crossover technology to achieve seamless integration of woofers and tweeter in the frequency domain. The carefully optimised crossover points add new dimensions to the famed clarity of Miller & Kreisel loudspeakers by implementing ideal transient response and time domain characteristics.

As a result of extensive frequency domain and time domain analysis, Miller & Kreisel M Series speakers deliver smooth response over a very wide listening window, as well as more focused and coherent sound on-axis all the way up to the highest frequencies. For all these reasons, the in-room response of the M Series is defined by the three-dimensional realism that has put Miller & Kreisel at the forefront in the art and science of sound reproduction.