Let’s Rock N Roll


Like hardly any other manufacturer of home cinema loudspeakers, the Miller & Kreisel brand is connected to the professional recording studio scene. Hollywood film productions, as well as renowned music albums, are very often mixed on systems from M&K Sound. Good reasons to take a closer look at the active studio monitors MPS2520P in HiFi operation as well.

“The Choice of the Professionals“ immediately attracts attention as a slogan on the boxes of the M&K Sound products. Th e usual marketing slogan, one might think – but far from it. Miller&Kreisel is one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers that are highly regarded in professional circles.

M&K is one of the most renowned speaker brands in the film and music studio sector. Cinema blockbusters like „Star Wars“, „King Kong“ or „Lord of the Rings“ were mixed and mastered on sound systems made by M&K Sound.

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