The Personal Theater of Gianni Guglielmetti, Italy

I have owned several systems, some THX Certified “, and I have designed several home theaters being a video and audio calibrator .

When I was building my personal theater I auditioned different speakers because I wanted to create a true reference one. M&K speakers are for sure the perfect solution if you are looking for a reference cinematic experience.

Dynamics are incredible, voicing is neutral, bass is powerful and when the tweeter kicks in the tonal balance remains perfect. S150 when coupled with X12 subs are perfect and all the speakers literally disappear in the theater giving a great sense of realism to the image.

Subs are incredible, tight bass, controlled and quick response, power to share. They are amazing when they explode in such a controlled manner. Placed correctly they will offer a quasianechoic response and pressurize the theater with infra-sonic spl that is a joy to feel.

S150t are perfectly matched to the rest of the system and pannings all around are so good you think there are many more of them around you.

The best thing is the way they are both a directional source and a diffuse one, making them a perfect solution for both 3D sound and traditional surround sound. Last but not least IW85 are a great choice for in ceiling speakers, blending togheter with the fronts and spreading a perfect sound ambience.

When placed in a well treated room and carefully calibrated, an M&K system is really among the best system I have auditioned; better than system costing three times more.

Good job M&K !

The Complete Setup


  • 3 S150 for Left, Center and Right
  • 4 S150t for side and back Surrounds
  • 4 IW85 for atmos in ceiling speakers
  • 2 X12 as subwoofers


  • 1 x Onkyo Pr-Rz5100 Processor (THX Ultra)
  • 1 x Onkyo Pa-Mc5501 Amp (THX Ultra) to drive Atmos Speakers
  • 1 x Parasound Halo A31 (THX Ultra) to drive Front Speakers
  • 2 x Parasound Halo A23 (THX Ultra) to drive Surrounds
  • 1 x Minidsp 2×4 hd for bass management


  • 1 x Panasonic Ub9000 uhd bluray player (THX Ultra)
  • 1 x Jvc Nx9 projector (THX )
  • 1 x Stewart Filmscreen Studiotek 100 , 2:35, 140”


  • Belden cables for speakers, interconnect and video.


  • Custom built absorbers and diffusers
  • Custom built Helmholtz resonator
  • Custom built riser wich acts as a membrane bass trap
  • Some acoustic panels from Gik Acoustic
  • Camira Cara fabric stretched to cover acoustical treatment, walls and ceiling.
  • Custom made electrical seatings .
  • Custom made insulated door