Mainstream ApS, Denmark

Mainstream has stood for the soundtrack to a large proportion of Danish film productions and an ever-increasing number of Nordic and international projects from the very beginning in 1990.

Today, Mainstream is a well-established major player, whose facilities are among the largest and most advanced in all of Scandinavia, including 12 rooms equipped with 5.1 systems consisting of M&K Sound 2510P active monitors in front, 1611P active rear channels and X10 or X12 self-powered subwoofers, depending on the volume of the space.

Eddie Simonsen explains why Mainstream prefers M&K Sound. “Serious film production requires a great monitoring system for editing and mixing. The sonic result must be consistent, regardless of the system or the size of the room. Film dialog must be reproduced with ultimate clarity. The art of cinema sound is to create a mix that does its job without calling attention to itself.”

Mainstream makes its home in the famed Copenhagen Cinema City (Filmbyen), where production companies, studio offices, technical facilities and the Copenhagen Film School occupy most of a former army base, in a uniquely inspiring environment designed to fulfill the creative, technical and business needs of the Danish film industry.

Mainstream’s portfolio of Nordic and international cinema clients has expanded in recent years to encompass the wave of Nordic TV drama that has swept the globe. In addition to their Copenhagen based services which include mixing, Foley and ADR, Mainstream has established wholly owned sound facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Mainstream remains an independent sound facility, driven by internationally known engineers with extensive training and an impressive backlog of experience.

We have 100% confidence in our M&K Sound monitors.

Unsurprisingly, the atmosphere at Mainstream is defined by a typically Scandinavian laid back attitude that combines a friendly, open mood with a professionalism that immediately puts clients and visitors at ease.

Eddie Simonsen summarizes, ”We value the transparency, clarity and presence that M&K Sound monitors bring to our work. Nobody does it better and we are completely dependent on monitors that deliver realism and reliability. That makes our job easier and ensures consistency in our sound editing. That’s why we have 100% confidence in our M&K monitors. We know that there is nothing in Pro audio that can compare in terms of price and performance.”

Technical Specifications

Mainstreams 5.1 M&K Sound set-up:

  • M&K 2510P Studio Monitor
  • M&K 1611P Studio Monitor
  • M&K X12 Subwoofer eller
  • M&K X10 Subwoofer

Mainstream has contributed to many prestigious and award-winning productions, including

Robert Award 2015
Nymphomaniac Vol I og II
Best sound design

Robert Award 2014
Only God Forgives
Best sound design

Robert Award 2012
Best Sound design

Golden Globes 2011

Best foreign Language Film