The Insane Mode Cinema

A new private cinema in the heart of London is created by the Cinema Company.

As their name suggests The Cinema Company are specialists in designing and installing the finest home cinemas. 

In 2015 The Cinema Company were approached by the luxury building group, Berkley Homes about the installation of a state of the art cinema. The cinema was to be in a shared facility for the owners of a prestigious development in London’s fnancial district.

While the room and much of the layout were already decided upon, the audio equipment recommended by the original installers was not regarded as the best in class. 

These doubts in the quality of the audio equipment specifed led to the instruction of The Cinema Company for the design, specifcation and installation of the system.

This superb 30 seater cinema is prepared for all 3d formats including Dolby Atmos, Auro and DTS-X. A huge 13.8.6 M&K 300 system ensures every seat in this incredible cinema provides sound quality that outperforms any commercial cinema.

The M&K system is the blu print for future high end cinemas.

M&K Sound loudspeakers proved to be the perfect solution for our demo room. The S300 is one of the best speaker systems that we have ever heard, its exceptionally accurate and energetic sound has a captivating effect. My only regret is that we did not discover M&K Sound sooner.

It is worth paying a visit now to Home Movie, for it is great fun to sit smiling inadvertently in your seat while watching a loud flm sequence. It is also interesting to see how a true home cinema is capable of providing a musical experience that makes your jaw drop in surprise.

Technical Specifications

This spectacular 13.8.6 system is installed using the following equipment:

  • Oppo BD105 Blu Ray Player
  • Anthem AVM50 Processor
  • Anthem TMCA50 Amplifer
  • Anthem PVA7 Amplifer
  • M&K Sound® S300 X 3 (F/C/R)
  • M&K Sound® MP300 X 8 (Surrounds)
  • M&K Sound® X10 x 8 (Subwoofers)
  • M&K Sound® IW150 x 6 (Height channels)
  • Sony VPL1100 4k Projector
  • Screen Research 6m Wide 2:40:1 4K Screen
  • Control 4, HC800 Processor
  • Control 4, 7” In-Wall Touch Screen
  • 28 x CinemaTech Cinema Seats

The INSANE MODE Cinema loudspeaker set-up