A Message From M&K Sound

For over 40 years, M&K Sound has set the standard for high resolution music and movie audio. Ambitiously engineered to go larger and louder than ever before, the Miller & Kreisel S300 Series is the natural evolution of our iconic S150 monitor.
The S300 Series is the first ever M&K Sound product to carry our new reference
logo Miller & Kreisel.

The S300 Series has been developed in close collaboration with M&K Sounds longterm professional partners, key players in music and cinema. The S300 Series is the culmination of more than two years of systematically auditioning and testing the world’s fi nest audio components. The S300 Series is designed to let you hear exactly what is going on, no more and no less. With the S300 Series, there is simply more there. With the S300 Series, we introduce the next dimension for the future of home cinema and music systems.

The Miller & Kreisel S300 Series neither adds nor subtracts. It simply reveals.

The Sound Of Discovery

On October 29, 1998, the first American to orbit the Earth made history again. John Glenn became the oldest man to fly in space when he served as a payload specialist aboard the Discovery space shuttle.

NASA broadcast the takeoff to a rapt audience of 700 guests at the John Goddard Space Flight Center in Latham, Maryland with the deafening roar of the space shuttle’s massive rockets reproduced live via an M&K Sound surround system, consisting of S150 monitors and MX350 subwoofers.

NASA subcontractor Fred Willard of Allied Signal commented, “The speaker system showed
no sign of stress or overload throughout the entire event. The ground-shaking audio left the audience speechless and dazzled.” M&K Sound are proud to have been part of this historic mission.